22) TLC – No Scrubs


I’m not quite sure how this became one of my Mom’s theme songs, but it is. It’s also a nugget of wisdom that she wants to impart on her kids, and TLC just says it so eloquently. This song is so important to the matriarch of our family that we named our MS Walk team one year ‘No Scrubs’. For Christmas, a couple years ago, my sister got me and my mom pins that said ‘No Scrubs’ on them. It’s kind of an inside joke, but also kind of one of our constant mottos.

When I go on dates (which I don’t do very often and hate every second of) – ‘No Scrubs’ is constantly running through my head. It’s also a song of warning – don’t ever become a scrub or no one’s going to like you. Our momma didn’t raise ‘no scrubs’.

Personally, I always wanted to dance around to TLC in silk pj’s, like in ‘Creep’. BUT what I actually want more than the silk pj’s is a TLC – ‘Creep’/Radiohead – ‘Creep’ mash up. I’ve been obsessed with this for over a decade. I haven’t found anything to fit the bill just yet – it’s all been a bunch of scrubs.


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