24) Guster – Demons


I got really into Guster in early college. I think my brother introduced them to me. They had the sound and feel of a band that kicked ass in intimate venues whose floors were sticky with beer. Those were the early years. They’ve grown and developed. Their sound has changed, a couple band mates have changed, but they are still one of my favorite bands of all time – live and on record.

This is also a modern day band that my entire family is into. I’ve seen Guster at least 5 times (maybe more), almost all times with my parents. This may actually be the band I’ve most seen live. My dad bought Dave Matthews Band tickets one year because Guster was the opening band. They were playing in Michigan a couple years ago while I was there for work, and me and a bunch of my co-workers went, and it was awesome!

I was able to spend my parent’s 30th anniversary with them at a super private Guster show at the Cubby Bear in Chicago through XRT, the local radio station.


My brother and sister are also super into them and if Guster is coming to town, the folks invite the entire fam, if you can make it. I’m partial to their older music, but I do love their newer stuff too. They know how to rock and they’re fun. Plus the instrumentation and percussion is awesome.

‘Demons’ is my favorite Guster song. It’s a bit of a dark one. I am actually not a huge liar and I really hate it. BUT I love this song. I see this song as more of a lying to yourself and lying to someone else in a relationship. I know about staying in relationships after their expiration date, it’s pointless and terrible. Nobody wins and you’re not doing anyone any favors, not even yourself. But sometimes it’s nice to be the demon, ‘a demon can not be hurt’. Or you could take the fuckboy angle with it, and in that scenario you just want to take advantage of the girl and ghost her. Since this song was written before ghosting was ghosting there’s probably a happy medium in there. At the end of the day, I don’t want to be the demon always, just sometimes…to protect myself.


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