26) The Who – 1921


‘1921’. There’s not much to say about this song, because the album says it all. ‘Tommy’ is musical and showmanship genius. The most amazing storytelling set to music ever. As a kid I wanted to be a pinball wizard…I have always been terrible at pinball. But I used to dance around not entirely grasping the meaning of the whole album, but loving the beat and the imagery. I always knew that Uncle Ernie was bad, so at least my gut sense were on point.

My favorite two songs off the album are the first two – ‘It’s a boy’ and ‘1921’. It sets up the whole drama and they’re quiet, yet explosive. They’re calm, but haunting. Plus they kick off the story line. A couple years ago I got into the ‘Tommy’ album again when my dad bought me a CD of this bluegrass band called The Hillbenders. They play a blue grass version of the entire album and it’s awesome. You should check it out.

Maybe I’ll become aware this year…


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