Ok…I’m really behind

Ok friends, I am about 30 days behind. The last letter I wrote was on June 26th and I had only ten letters left. I fell of the wagon…hard. It’s not entirely my fault, work ramped up and I’ve been working 10-14 hours a day and I’ve logged at least 4,000 miles in the last month. I know, cue the violins, the tiniest ones out there. I’ve just haven’t made my letter writing or myself a priority in these last 5-6 weeks.It’s been intense and so my letter writing and pet project has fallen to the wayside.

Don’t feel sorry for me. This is the nature of work…non stop, pedal to the metal, keep on rockin’ in the free world style. I just thought I could make the time and I didn’t end up being able to. (And I thought I’d finish before things got crazy.)

But, fear not, I’m committed to finishing! Even though I’m already 35, I’m still working towards it. This is what adulting is all about. Plus I’m going to continue with my letter writing and with my playlist making even when I finish, which is now looking like August.

My fabulous god mother sent me some gorgeous Crane’s stationary for my birthday and you bet your ass I’m excited to use it!

Stay tuned…


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