30) Bob Marley – Jammin’


“I hope you like jammin’ too…”

Bob Marley was a big part of our lives growing up. My sister is kind of named after him after all. It was tough to pick ONE Bob Marley song, there are so many good ones. I picked ‘Jammin” because that’s what Bob’s all about and that’s what our family is all about. It’s necessary to have a jammin’ soundtrack to you every day and to your life.

We’ve been having family jam sessions since I was really little. We play along, we sing along, we dance along. And it’s not just the immediate family it’s our extended family or friends that are like family, everyone brings a piece of themselves to a jam session and there’s no judgement on how good or bad you are. Sometimes there’s tequila, sometimes there isn’t. Jammin’ creates a sense of communal family music. All it takes is a little shaker here, and a triangle there, some bongos, and good company. Bob Marley even sang ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. Hit me with music…’

“I hope you like jammin” because if you don’t, I don’t know that this friendship can continue. Music is such an important part of life. It’s the background noise, but it’s the soundtrack to your moments and periods in time – whether sad or happy.

Side note: I sent this song to one of my girlfriends from college who really liked Bob Marley. She just had a fabulous little baby boy and she said they were listening to my soundtrack during feedings. She loved her letter and the music. That kid is going to jam away! 


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