Where did this project come from?

Nostalgia. I have a fear that the art of letter writing may be dead and I want to revive it. I also have a love of mixtapes and how they can tell a story.

The Correspondence Campaign: I am a recovering workaholic, who has a difficult time making time for things other than work. Letter writing is my solution to non-journaling, journaling and collecting my thoughts. My sister did a 30 letters in 30 days thing last year and I thought it was a cool idea. I was also inspired by the letters my grandparents wrote during World War II and the letters my mom wrote to my Grandma when I was a baby and we were living overseas. We forget that there was no internet, long distance phone calls were crazy expensive, and our good friends at FedEx didn’t exist in the way they do today. Every day I’m reminded more and more that life is charging ahead, is incredibly short, and waits for no one.

The Mixtape: Mixtapes are just something that I love and miss. (Mix CD’s will do too.) I wanted to make it interactive for the people who signed up for my Correspondence Campaign and make it fun. Not to mention I had a failed Mixtape blog, but I don’t think it was the correct avenue and I wanted to try again.

So I set out to write letters in the days leading up to my birthday, giving you an excellent, quirky soundtrack of my life. Now I’m mixing it up with additional mixtapes coupled with letter writing campaigns. I expect my hand muscles will get stronger. There will be reflection on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. All set to playlist that may or may not be of your taste.