Ok…I’m really behind

Ok friends, I am about 30 days behind. The last letter I wrote was on June 26th and I had only ten letters left. I fell of the wagon…hard. It’s not entirely my fault, work ramped up and I’ve been working 10-14 hours a day and I’ve logged at least 4,000 miles in the last month. I know, cue the violins, the tiniest ones out there. I’ve just haven’t made my letter writing or myself a priority in these last 5-6 weeks.It’s been intense and so my letter writing and pet project has fallen to the wayside.

Don’t feel sorry for me. This is the nature of work…non stop, pedal to the metal, keep on rockin’ in the free world style. I just thought I could make the time and I didn’t end up being able to. (And I thought I’d finish before things got crazy.)

But, fear not, I’m committed to finishing! Even though I’m already 35, I’m still working towards it. This is what adulting is all about. Plus I’m going to continue with my letter writing and with my playlist making even when I finish, which is now looking like August.

My fabulous god mother sent me some gorgeous Crane’s stationary for my birthday and you bet your ass I’m excited to use it!

Stay tuned…

Update: Carlin’s Correspondence Campaign

IMG_6865So…I fell behind again this week. But hey, I’m not perfect. (Also, I wrote 15 Thank You notes to all the winners of one of my sales contests.) However, I did get validation that my Correspondence Campaign is 1) reaching people, 2) making them smile, 3) making them smile makes me smile, which is always good.

This past week I received greetings from Germany, where one of my cards found it’s home. I only make International postage available for very special people. This card went to my first boyfriend ever. It was not serious. It lasted less than a month. We were kids. We mostly just messaged each other on ICQ when we were allowed on the dial up, passed notes between classes, and ate lunch together. Don’t worry, that torch has long been extinguished and there aren’t ANY hard feelings. It was over 20 years ago. He lives in Germany, with his wife and two kids, and signed up for a letter to share with his fam. It was the sweetest request ever, and I couldn’t say no. I was worried about how many stamps to put on the letter and if it would find them, but it did.

‘Wooooooooooooooow your letter came today and it was so cool! The kids loved it and I was really moved. This was the first letter I ever got from any panama friend. Took around 20 years 🙂. I’m definitely keeping it for my kids for when they are older. Thanks so much!’

Then I got another message from my friend who received ‘Sweet Thing’ by Van Morrison.

‘OMG, you are awesome!! Did you know that Sweet Thing is one of my favorite songs??’

The soundtrack is set and has nothing to do with whoever gets the card. I try to match people up with a song or artist that they at least may be familiar with, but the songs are not picked for anyone but myself, so this worked out perfectly. It was kismet.

34 hasn’t been the best of years, not the worst of years either, but definitely not in the top 10. This is helping it end on a positive note.

Update: Carlin’s Correspondence Campaign


I was doing so well and was all caught up, but then I went on a work trip. I thought, I can write a letter before I go to bed after being on the road all day. No such luck. I stayed up past my bed time answering work emails and getting things done. It was miserable. So I have fallen a little behind again, but don’t worry, I’ll catch up. I’ve already written 4 letters today and I have one more to write. PLUS I finished all my cards…finally…it took forever. I apologize some of them aren’t as nice or creative or cute as others. I did my best.

My sister sent me this card this week. Apparently, it was an ordeal for it to find me as it had been returned to her. She’s super proud of my letter writing campaign. It made me feel great and lifted my spirits. I will get it done, the timeline may have to go out the window, but it will be awesome and amazing.

Update: Carlin’s Correspondence Campaign

Today is June 7th and I wrote my 7th letter. (Cue the fireworks!) I feel good about this. I did have to do a couple days of doubling up since I fell off the letter wagon because my mom came to visit. So I’m back on track. My one vice has been not going to the mail room every day. It’s not that far and it’s not that hard, I’m just a little lazy and it’s not really on the way to anything. I like efficiency, but on the plus side I’m getting a letter done a day. They might just all have the same date stamp on them. So it’s a win.

However, I don’t know that I’m going to get 40 letters done in 30 days, but I’m going to try. It might just be 30+ days as a more realistic outlook.